Meghan is a foil for Prince Andrew’s crimes. Mark our words. The palace attacks her via the media to distract from the queen’s favourite son.
Lisa takes us through the “dead cat” theory of PR where you create a scene to distract people’s attention away from a big problem. Eg you throw a dead cat on the table and that’s all anyone talks about. Hence, let’s attack Meghan’s shoes to distract from Prince Andrew’s behaviour. That’s what’s happening now.
It’s been another big week of news in the Epstein criminal enterprise world. Ghislaine Maxwell, aka The Pimp, is apparently in negotiations with a US tv network to talk about Prince Andrew and herself. She plans to defend them both. Sounds like more Ghislaine BS to us but why isn’t she in jail awaiting a trial?
Plus Prince Andrew is unbelievably going to the Royal Xmas and Jen reads from the listener mailbag.
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