Lisa & Jen are back with the latest Epstein news. Again, it’s been a big week:
  1. American authorities come at Prince Andrew for not cooperating with the investigation
  2. Ghislaine Maxwell’s emails were “hacked”, so Lisa imagines what’s in them, if they have indeed been accessed
  3. Cindy McCain, wife of the former Senator John McCain, says everyone knew about Epstein in Washington.
  4. Disinformation reigns. We tell how we identify it.
Apologies for the swearing. The heat is sending us crazy.
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Wondering what Bill Clinton was doing on Epstein’s private plane? What’s Prince Andrew up to now? Where is Ghislaine Maxwell? Well the mainstream media won’t enlighten you because this week was all about Meghan Markle. It’s not accidental.
Jen goes on a mission for Epstein autopsy info on YouTube. Lisa finds Prince Andrew’s ex-wife giving business advice.
We then chat about whether there will be a dump of legal documents from the Virginia Guiffre Roberts v Ghislaine Maxwell defamation case.
Sorry about this week’s sound. We had a technology issue. Jen’s offspring has solved it now, so I promise we will be back next week with better sound.
As always, the answers behind the Epstein conspiracy are weirder and darker than true life.
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