Finally! The French are looking into Ghislaine and Jean-Luc Brunel, a notorious model agent who was friends with Epstein.
Plus hope for the best everyone that Prince Andrew does not return to public life. The Duke is indicating he might represent the Queen if she approves. 
And who is the forensic investigator Angela Clemente? It’s a name you need to know when if you want to understand the scourge of sex trafficking. 
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Today we heard a judge's son was murdered and her husband was in a critical condition after an assassin open fire at a New Jersey home. The judge had been allocated a civil case concerning Epstein and Deutsche Bank just four days before the incident. Law enforcement said an alleged suspect, who had dressed as a FEDEX worker, was found dead from suicide after the incident. It's hard to know what to believe at this stage because the official line from law enforcement about Epstein is littered with inconsistencies.




1. Ghislaine apparently says Epstein was murdered and she may meet a similar fate

2. Princess Beatrice is secretly married

3. Sarah Kellen's parents speak out.


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Ghislaine Maxwell has a spouse but won’t tell the government who the beau is but don’t worry, we have theories. 

In summary, a US judge this week denied bail for Ghislaine Maxwell, who has been charged with luring young girls so the late financier, Jeffrey Epstein & herself could sexually abuse them.

GM pleaded not guilty at a hearing in which two alleged survivors described her actions as heinous.

US District Judge Alison Nathan in Manhattan rejected Maxwell's bid for bail, agreeing with prosecutors that the wealthy socialite posed a flight risk. Especially with a secret spouse and bank accounts she won’t talk about.

Maxwell, the judge said during a hearing lasting more than two hours, has "demonstrated sophistication in hiding her resources and herself".

Plus we talk Sarah Kellen, her ex-husband and her 2014 US application for a visa for an overseas worker. Please help us save Pizza Express Woking, it’s a historic site thanks to Prince Andrew.

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We preview Ghislaine Maxwell’s bail hearing set for Tuesday in New York. Her lawyers want her out on jail due to a variety of reasons, such as Covid and her good character. Maxwell’s supporters have offered $5million as bail surety. They say she vigorously denies the charges, intends to fight them, and is entitled to the presumption of innocence," attorneys asserted, adding that she had not attempted to flee the United States following Epstein's arrest and jail suicide last year.

Plus we talk about new details of what went down during her arrest.

The two of us poke holes in Maxwell’s lawyers claims she's been hiding from journalists and “crazy” people, plus talk about her bank accounts. Why did she wrap her cell phone in tin foil? 

Plus more on one of the core four, Sarah Kellen and her husband Brian Vickers. 

Lisa also quotes Shakespeare and Churchill in a letter to Ghislaine. 

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Ghislaine’s Hate Mail

Journalists Lisa & Jen bring you the best bits of the influx of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell news.

Today they have a massive amount of news. Firstly, Ghislaine has been transferred to NY.

Annie Farmer, an Epstein survivor from the 90s was able to see Ghislaine at the first hearing in NH. She had been held over the weekend at the Merrimack County Jail, a medium-security facility 32 kilometres from the home where investigators said she had been lying low.

Prosecutors have asked a judge to schedule a Friday court appearance in Manhattan federal court for Maxwell.

So the New York Post has an interesting Top 10 Panicking People in the Epstein case. Who are they?

They have some Prince Andrew, some from Epstein lawyer Alan Dershowitz. There is also a clanger on a Twitter by an ex Reddit executive.

Plus we’ve looked into the NYAA’s victim-blaming report again.

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Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested by authorities in the US.


The shock news was announced by the FBI yesterday (Sydney time).


What do we know so far?

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In a bizarre statement, the New York Academy of Art is blaming an Epstein survivor for her sister’s Epstein assault.

The academy blamed Maria Farmer’s association with Jeffrey Epstein for an assault on her sister, Annie.

This is despite the fact the academy’s Eileen Guggenheim introduced Ms Farmer to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Warning: there’s a lot of yelling and swearing. 

Contact the man who approved the statement, David Kratz. 
(212) 842-5100

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This episode is about the Epstein Jane Does as they make their ways through the US legal system. So what has come out about fake marriages and Epstein forcing partnerships? It’s quite eyebrow-raising.

Plus it’s coming up to a year since Epstein was arrested and only his prison guards have been held accountable. And  so we wait and wait.

What’s the Nigerian Prince scam involving the Epstein estate & why is Lisa obsessed by it? 

Plus we think we’ve found two extra recruiters. It’s quite a story but we have to hash it out.

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Link to the Business Insider piece.

Link to the petition

There’s more than just Epstein lawyer  Alan Dershowitz interested in documents from a 2015 Ghislaine Maxwell defamation case.

A secretive John Doe was today begging the court to not release documents from the case between a survivor and Epstein’s chief coconspirator, Maxwell.

So Lisa & Jen try to work out who this anonymous petitioner is (with no success).

Plus Harvard law’s Dershowitz claims he has some of the suppressed documents, which makes Lisa think, with no evidence, that he is Deep State. But seriously why does he have them? How did he get them?

Judge Loretta Preska also lost patience today with Dershowitz’s lawyer.

You are not alone there, Your Honour. We had to sift through the 81-year-old’s Tweets yesterday. They were diabolical.

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Please listen to this - we were up at 5am to accomodate for the time zone issue. 😂


Beware an angry Epstein lawyer the day before the proposed release of thousands of court documents featuring himself and Ghislaine Maxwell.

These records, if they come out, have the potential hurt a lot of people in Epstein’s sphere, such as Maxwell and Epstein counsel Alan Dershowitz. 

So Dershowitz took to Twitter today to attack survivor Virginia Roberts again-and-again. But why? Is it getting hot in here? We will be back tomorrow to report.

Plus who sacked the top legal eagle in the Epstein case and why? Also Jen trolls Prince Andrew’s ex-wife Sarah Ferguson.

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