Is Les Wexner from Victoria's Secret being deluged by his own Jeffrey Epstein secrets. A civil case has been launched against Wexner and key staff. 

Wexner gave Epstein control of his fortune, and it was Wexner who gave Epstein the New York mansion. 


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April, 2016 deposition taken during the civil action for defamation made against Maxwell by Virginia Giuffre. She's asked about wandering around schools trying to find girls - which of course, lies lies lies.

Again Maxwell doesn't understand words, this time she has no idea what a puppet is. So yes, Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein feature in this part.

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Israel is mentioned in Judge Nathan's order that Maxwell's bail bid be denied, but why?

What has that got to do with the Government's issues with extraditing Maxwell if she flees America while on bail?

What is the true extent of her assets and is she setting the direction for her legal team, or ignoring their advice?

Lisa and Jen spend their last few hours of 2020 pulling apart Judge Nathan's order that denies Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein's co-accused, bail.

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In this episode:
Prince Andrew hits new lows as a human
The culture of sexual harassment at Victoria’s (dirty) Secret
A new survivor demands legal records
Disturbing police video of Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion.
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In this episode from February, Lisa & Jen realise they may have bitten off more than they can chew with the Epstein story. What can they do? Go Forward!

Ghislaine Maxwell thumps a desk and yells in this part of her 2016 April deposition in the defamation case between herself and Jeffrey Epstein survivor Virginia Giuffre Roberts. 

But what was the question that set her off? And there's more questions about computers in the Palm Beach house.


It's a Ghislaine Maxwell episode. But before that we need to answer the one question people are asking us about her future!

In other news, Ghislaine is complaining about jail again, her friends the Royal Family are bleating about The Crown and we hear again how she desperately wanted to marry Jeffrey Epstein. 

Plus more from the US Virgin Island probe into the Epstein estate and Peter Nygard's name appears again in documents.

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John Doe's deposition drops and we can see why Ghislaine Maxwell didn't want Juan Alessi's deposition to be seen.

Jeffrey Epstein's butler contradicts Ghislaine's deposition about computers and her use of a camera.

We also talk about the investigation into the Florida plea deal, Ghislaine tests negative to Covid and her quarantine, along with a sexual harassment case tied to the New York Academy of Art.   

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This is too exciting not to rush an episode - if this news in The Mirror is true, six of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell’s associates are getting very nervous. The FBI has them in its sights & there’s a meeting today with survivors to detail the law enforcement action. Fingers crossed!

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We are not recording this week due to the election, so here is a flashback episode from June 30. 
This episode is about the Epstein Jane Does as they make their ways through the US legal system. So what has come out about fake marriages and Epstein forcing partnerships? It’s quite eyebrow-raising.
Plus it’s coming up to a year since Epstein was arrested and only his prison guards have been held accountable. And  so we wait and wait.
What’s the Nigerian Prince scam involving the Epstein estate & why is Lisa obsessed by it? 
Plus we think we’ve found two extra recruiters. It’s quite a story but we have to hash it out.
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Rina Oh, an artist from New Jersey, has admitted on The Broken podcast she recruited females for her boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein and admits she has participated in abuse.

But when it comes to survivor Virginia Roberts there are no words of apology, only allegations. Her claims against the Epstein survivor are colourful to say the least.

In this Facebook live, we tell you who Rina is and discuss what she has been accused of by Virginia and what they both told us today. 

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