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1. More documents and a April 23 arraignment for Maxwell

2. Epstein’s Paris apartment 

Ghislaine Maxwell’s family is in damage control mode. They are wondering how their sister
, the socialite daughter of disgraced British media mogul Robert Maxwell, could  have been arrested and charged with sex trafficking?

The answer is in her past. It’s a long history of shady business dealings, hiding from the media, posting bail, and rumors.

This episode dives into the details behind Ghislaine’s arrest & her family’s tone deaf defence of their youngest sibling. Her family and friends are campaigning for her release on bail, but it seems like they don’t understand the issues at play

Ghislaine Maxwell’s family is using her wealth and influence to defend her against claims she lured young women into sexual encounters with Epstein. Will this work? 

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The Prince & the Pervert tells the story behind the headlines. The podcast helps you make sense of the Jeffrey Epstein case.No outlandish theories here. We stick to the facts and vet our sources of information.

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When Ghislaine Maxwell broke up with her tech billionaire boyfriend in 2011, she took something valuable. Her former boyfriend Ted Waitt felt the full impact of a woman scorned.

What happened when Maxwell and billionaire Ted Waitt broke up in 2011? Was it revenge that fueled her actions?

In this episode we tell you about the life and times of Ghislaine Maxwell. She is best known as a companion to Jeffrey Epstein but in 2011 she split with billionaire Ted Waitt after dating for more than seven years. What did she do next?

This is an inside look at one of America's biggest scandals and some of the globe’s biggest names. Step inside the shocking world of Ghislaine Maxwell and her famous friends.

Plus in other news, two more billionaires step down from their wealth factory due to Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

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It had to happen - Team GMax (as they call themselves) is protesting her innocence and the lawyers are getting busy with requests for dismissals and more! Strap yourselves in as Family Maxwell tries to secure the freedom for their beloved sister.

But we are not letting Ghislaine’s brother Ian Maxwell get away with his interesting interpretations of his sister’s life. Plus the family may also be in for some shocks when Ghislaine’s trial starts in July. 

We have some real estate news because Epstein was essentially a perverted money launderer. There is also news on the Love & Bliss Church, which owns part of Zorro Ranch.

Jen has some more Peter Nygard news and we both went to a protest. Jen even organised one! 

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Is Prince Andrew facing an Oprah reckoning? Plus Australia is a sh&tshow and we have an alleged rapist as one of the nation’s top law makers. Has there been a cover-up? Who are the people behind the government’s refusal to engage on this distressing issue? 


We’ve found a Zorro Ranch photo that is chilling.


And God bless the United Kingdom! Is a society hostess Clare Hazell Guinness facing a reckoning over Epstein?


Plus Prince Andrew’s crisis guy, who works for the Saudis, claims he is a victim of trolls. Is Oprah coming for Prince Andrew?


Jen has more of the Ghislaine Maxwell deposition recording coming out this week. Can’t wait for that!

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Lisa & Jen take you through Ghislaine Maxwell’s journey of self-deception, otherwise known as her deposition in the Virginia Roberts defamation case. All 400 words of denial and lunacy. It was interesting to read - stonewalling, denial and self-delusion.
We no longer need to ask who the accused sex trafficker and abuser #GhislaineMaxwell is. These documents show she is an arrogant, pathological liar. Her self confidence is her downfall. She thinks she’s the smartest person in the room.
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