Ghislaine Maxwell's bathtub is JUST TOO SMALL for 'redacted' cough Prince Andrew.  She begs forgiveness for her outburst and, oh by the way, you Americans may not understand how she communicates because she is English you know!

Enjoy the next part of her April 2016 deposition in her civil defamation case brought against her by Virginia Giuffre Roberts while we wait for news of if she's going to get bail or not. Lets hope it's a no. 

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We look at the latest investigation by the Daily Mail about Prince Andrew's visits to Jeffrey Epstein's New York mansion and Little St James Island. We think we know where he flew to when he left the Island!

Ghislaine Maxwell has referees, one joined a large family event with Ghislaine and her husband and her 'new family'.

There's scheduling set for bail and for redactions in the next unsealing dump from the Virginia Roberts Giuffre v Maxwell defamation case.

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It's a Ghislaine Maxwell episode. But before that we need to answer the one question people are asking us about her future!

In other news, Ghislaine is complaining about jail again, her friends the Royal Family are bleating about The Crown and we hear again how she desperately wanted to marry Jeffrey Epstein. 

Plus more from the US Virgin Island probe into the Epstein estate and Peter Nygard's name appears again in documents.

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