A deep dive on Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein's employee, Story Cowles, one of the most undiscussed of the duo's workers who was covered by the Plea Deal Non Prosecution Deal.

Why was he constantly at the jail while Epstein served time, and was he dating Sarah Kellen Vickers?

Did he stay at the Vickers' New York penthouse, the one that is causing an uproar with the neighbours due to it's renovation?

We also look at a troll who was called out by the Daily Mail, and how the royal family are so desperate to discredit Virginia Giuffre that staff of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson were taken in by her allegations. 


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April, 2016 deposition taken during the civil action for defamation made against Maxwell by Virginia Giuffre. She's asked about wandering around schools trying to find girls - which of course, lies lies lies.

Again Maxwell doesn't understand words, this time she has no idea what a puppet is. So yes, Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein feature in this part.

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