We have thousands of missing girls as a result of Epstein’s trafficking ring, according to survivor Maria Farmer in an interview with journalist Whitney Webb.

So who is involved? Who knew? Who are the bosses of this trafficking organisation? Who is hiding Ghislaine Maxwell?

This will blow your mind.

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Ladies and gentlemen - welcome to Australia where the global child abuse racket runs wild & free!

On one side you will see Detective Gary Jubelin. He was found guilty yesterday of recording a conversation while conducting a missing child investigation. But no one knows where that child, William Tyrrell, is of course, so they want to punish this distinguished police officer.

On the other side is Cardinal George Pell, the third highest Catholic official in the world. He was found guilty of assaulting a choirboy but that conviction has been overturned today on a legal technicality.

Australia is still not a safe place for children. Child sex trafficking is big global business. These criminals are organised and they are powerful. Sadly, they are always a few steps ahead.

But what does this all has to do with Epstein? We think it underlines the fact that we are up against a global criminal cartel. The powerful protect the powerful. Abused children is one of the wealth sources of the one percent.



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Stay safe & well y’all.
More on Gary Jubelin and William Tyrell here. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-06/william-tyrrell-detective-gary-jubelin-found-guilty/12124620
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