Attacked by Jeffrey Epstein at age 14 and called a prostitute by the government a few years later, Courtney Wild has seen the inside of far too many court rooms. 

Ms Wild says prosecutors violated her rights in cutting what has been called the Florida sweetheart deal with the since-deceased financier.

Ms Wild is asking the Supreme Court to rule that federal prosecutors violated her rights by failing to consult her before cutting a plea deal with Epstein.

The so-called nonprosecution agreement precludes U.S. authorities in south Florida from bringing federal charges against Epstein, despite similar allegations from dozens of women, if Epstein pleaded guilty to two state felonies related to soliciting a minor for sex.

Plus more Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell and some commentary on lawyer Alan Dershowitz. 

Join us every week as we figure out where Jeffrey Epstein came from and how he got away with so much for so long. We promise you won’t want to miss it!

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