How do two unemployed people who still live in a family home get a mortgage on an $18million Swiss chalet? Well the people in question are Prince Andrew & his ex-wife Fergie. Say no more.

Plus security feared blackmail of the prince over Epstein.

According to The Daily Mail, safety companies’ fears over him have now shifted to blackmail vulnerabilities over his friendship with the late billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

“He strenuously denies…involvement in, Epstein’s actions however his friendship has created a potential counter-intelligence threat, with fears apparently that Russia might link Andrew to the abuse, thereby making a blackmail — or ‘leverage’ — risk. 

Security officers have since reviewed the safety of the Prince’s web and cellphone connections in case of bugging.”

Plus more court documents and a “sighting” of Prince Andrew at Tramp. 

Could we see a prince of Great Britain file bankruptcy?

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