Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers want you to believe she is a victim of a travesty of justice.


They are asking for certain coconspirator statements not to be put on the record. Which coconspirators is she referring to?


The team is requesting her firey 2016 Deposition be excluded.


There is a motion to exclude items seized by police on Oct 20 2005 by police when they raided Epstein’s Palm Beach home. As well:


  • Exclude testimony of any rapes by Jeffrey Epstein.


  • Plus do not refer to witnesses as “minor victims.” Instead use “accuser.”


Ghislaine Maxwell is a woman who was born into privilege, but has become synonymous with scandal


Yet the Children of dead fraudster Robert Maxwell are embracing victimhood more than ever before.


For decades, members of the family have been in the news for alleged wrongdoings.


The latest scandal concerning Ghislaine comes on the back of bankruptcies, business failures, a bigamist in-law & that old kernal - possible suicides.


Plus is Ghislaine’s brother implying that Epstein whistleblower Virginia Roberts Giufree is mad?


The Prince and the Pervert: a new twist in this case!


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