We have found some lost Epstein vision. The New York Academy of Art is so unapologetic about its relationship with billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein that it still shows him browsing art in a promotional video.


Jen has an update on Prince Andrew and millionaire sex abuser Peter Nygard. I have some questions for Trump lawyer Alan Dersh, plus Virginia serves a dish served cold to Ghislaine.



Epstein, who died last year in jail, was a long-term supporter of the academy and had sat on its board from 1987 to 1994.


An unknown blonde female can be seen viewing art with the now-dead sex abuser at the academy's 2014 Tribeca Ball. According to the academy, he also donated $30,000 to the school that same year.


Jeffrey Epstein (in yellow) at an academy fundraiser in 2014.

Survivor Maria Farmer has made serious claims about the academy’s chair , Eileen Guggenheim, who denied but later admitted she had taken students to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.


Two former art students who visited Jeffrey Epstein's ranch said they were pressured to play games that involved “sexual objects” with Epstein and his accused co-conspirator, Ghislaine Maxwell when they visited his home.


But the academy is standing by the embattled Guggenheim, who has faced accusations of enabling the sex trafficking operation.


It issued a report in June, written by its lawyers, which attacked Ms Farmer's claims.


The document backed Mrs Guggenheim’s denials & blamed Ms Farmer for her sister’s assault. It was condemned for victim shaming.

But when you have skeletons in the closet, you need to make sure you delete all evidence of Epstein’s patronage because journalists go looking for them.

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